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I managed to wangle a small exhibition in a hairdressing salon in Cardiff!
Its in November and its quite a trendy salon. Also thats around christmas time so many some sales yes?

But now i need to make new work. Good thing i have some good ideas otherwise i'd be screwed.

Also i've been playing a lot of P3P (James imported it for me) which has rendered me rather lazy this past week.
Bad because i have a paid job i'm supposed to be working on...

Also i have a job interview in an hour, for part-time art teaching to small people.

Busy busy busy busy.


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I like the Indian one the best.
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Whoas i like never post here.

Life update?

-Freelancing graphic design and applying for design jobs/placements as and when they pop up.

-Doing arty stuff like helping with an exhibition in an empty shop and stuff.

-Doing a hell of a lot of community work with my environmental group and starting to do more with the youth groups.

-Really sleepy

-Eating way too much chocolate and baking too many cookies just to eat them myself.

-Cats are huge. One is so big i can barely lift him.

-Mmmm orange juice

Nap time? you bet its nap time! xxxxxxx

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...worse day ever

and the worst of it is that it isn't even over yet.
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Something amazingly funny.


Its some blokes blog who catalogues the washing up that has and hasn't been done in his shared house.

It sounds pretty mental but i can really relate as I'm pretty touchy about clean kitchens and bathrooms.

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I am just heading out to buy a fridge freezer.

I am now officially old.

maybe i'll buy a new hoover at the same time...

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So i went to see the UWIC Illustration, Graphic design and Product design exhibition.

PyroPandas work was there which was awesome!

It made me realize how much more useful a Degree in Design type arty things is. Not that Fine art isn't good, but unless you know how to get the most out of Fine art you don't have much too show for it afterwards, unless of course you intend to become a practicing 'artist' which seems to be a bitch of a thing to do for a living.

I honestly couldn't live off my art...Exhibitions, funding, selling work/prints, residencies all sound good until you realize the return on them isn't great unless you don't have a high standard of living...not that i have a high standard of living particularly....ah I'm babbling.

The other good thing that came from going to the Exhibition was that i got to use another campus's library!

I borrowed a lot of books including;

The language of comics - Varnum & Gibbons
Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud
From Girls to Grrls -Robbins
The Artist as an Illustrator - Silvia Backemeyer
Lemon poppy seed - Die gestalten verlag
Handwritten expressive lettering in the digital age - Steven Heller

I -love- Books

I also got my results back from my tutors, lets just say i passed ok? Ok.
But i won't be going back to the usual term next year because the course curriculum is...well...bad. Bad in the sense that i don't enjoy it/do very well with the set work. So me and my Tutor are going to try to work a way of getting all my credits in a better way for me.

Im working on an entry to the Manga Jiman competition at the Japanese embassy, lets hope that goes well.

So yeah busy busy always busy, still finding time to play games when i shouldn't be though.

Placebos new album isn't so good. Two good songs maybe but the rest is meh.

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I opened up a Spreadshirt shop.


I'm gonna work on making the shop prettier over the next couple of days :D

(Infornography is the name me and James make design stuff under)
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I smacked myself in the face with the hoover when trying to pull the extension bit off to put it away and now i have a split lip and a broken tooth.

to top it all off i have horrific hayfever right now and sneezing hurts my stump tooth. yay
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well I'm off for my first year assessment and although i like my work, I'm not sure whether i will do well or not.

I get quite nervous about presentations and having to speak without stuttering or vomiting or both at the same time, because in front of more than one person (sometimes just one person) i get the urge to eject fluids from various orifices.

Good luck to me?
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